We continually build on our foundation of service excellence to shape how government services are delivered to the Australian community.

Our contribution to the government’s agenda is reflected in our Outcome Statement which is to:

Support individuals, families and communities to achieve greater self-sufficiency; through the delivery of policy advice and high quality accessible social, health and child support services and other payments; and support providers and businesses through convenient and efficient service delivery.

We work with other government agencies to provide access to government social and health-related services that support self sufficiency through:

  • the development of innovative and flexible service delivery policy that supports the implementation of government policy and programmes
  • the design and development of service delivery systems that are convenient and accessible, and meet the diverse needs of the community
  • the provision of payments and services that match customers’ circumstances
  • support for people to help them understand their rights and responsibilities and meet their obligations
  • work with the public, private and non-government organisations, state and territory governments and other Australian Government departments and agencies to build partnerships for the delivery of services.

Read our Corporate Plan and how we deliver services and measure our successes.

Key strategic priorities

Our strategic priorities are to:

  • ensure we understand and meet the priorities of our Minister and the Government
  • make the delivery of our services and regulatory functions as efficient as possible, including reducing red tape, while providing effective government and customer outcomes
  • transform and simplify our ICT environment to support secure ‘always on’ digital access to our services and to enable rapid, flexible responses to evolving government priorities
  • model, foster and encourage collaborative behaviour internally and across governments, at all levels
  • seek opportunities to enhance efficiencies and increase our service effectiveness by partnering with industry and not for profit organisations
  • work closely with our partner agencies to shape the development and delivery of government services
  • develop new, innovative and effective service approaches that encourage responsibility and enable customers to be self sufficient, while identifying and supporting those most in need
  • continue to transform and improve core payment processes and platforms to support government reforms and ongoing transformation of services.
Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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