Child Safe Framework

We are a Child Safe Organisation. Our practices help protect children under 18 and vulnerable people.

Our commitment

We are committed to child safety and wellbeing. As a Child Safe Organisation, we ensure child safety is embedded through our policy, business processes, resources and training.

We assess risks to child safety that may arise in our work and do our best to control and manage these.

All our staff must always treat children appropriately. They are required to address or report any concerns raised by children and are trained to identify and address child safety concerns.

We are dedicated to ensuring no child is at risk through any interactions they have with the agency. This includes any of the following:

  • at a service centre with their parents or other trusted adult
  • when applying for a payment
  • when interacting online as a customer
  • as employees of the agency
  • as visitors in the company of agency staff
  • by telephone.

We undertake an annual child safety risk assessment to identify any risks to a child through interactions they have with the agency. Our child safe commitment includes all of the following:

  • we have zero tolerance for child abuse and take all claims of contact and safety concerns seriously
  • we apply policies, procedures and the law when responding to any claims
  • any child who is in contact with our staff has the right to feel safe and protected
  • everyone is responsible to make sure a child feels safe with us
  • we are committed to training and educating staff on child abuse risks
  • if we have direct unsupervised contact with a child as part of our role, we must have the appropriate checks in place.

Read about the National Principles on the Child Safe Organisations website.

Page last updated: 30 October 2023.
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