Software developers for aged care

Find software developers that provide software for aged care.

From 13 March 2022, you’ll need web services ready software to access our systems. Software that doesn’t use web services won’t be able to interact with us. Read more about the upgrade to web services.

If you’re selecting a new software developer, make sure they are, or will be developing software that is web services ready.

These are not lists of all software developers that offer software. We’ve only included software developers who’ve agreed to be listed.

These lists are based on information given to us by software developers. You should confirm with the software developer that they can provide the specific functions you need.

Software developers who provide web services ready software

These software developers have web services ready software for the functions listed.

This list is accurate as at 20 November 2020.

Software developer Function
Home Care Residential Care Transition Care Short-Term Restorative Care
Daughterly Care Yes No No No
Provider Assist Yes Yes No No

Software developers who provide software that uses adaptor technology

Software products using adaptor technology are only available to residential care providers.

From 13 March 2022, software that uses adaptor technology won’t be able to access our systems.

This list is accurate as at 20 November 2020.

Download the Aged Care Developer List November 2020.

Page last updated: 11 December 2020