About eligible customers

Anyone eligible for the PBS is eligible for the PBS Safety Net.

They must have a Medicare card and either:

  • a commonwealth concessional entitlement card
  • a Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) card.

Your customers can get medicine cheaper under the PBS Safety Net once they have spent a certain amount on PBS medicines. They can also combine amounts for eligible family members.

A PBS Safety Net family is either:

  • a couple who are legally married and not separated
  • a couple in a de facto relationship, with or without dependent children
  • a single person with dependent children
  • a couple separated by illness for example, where one member resides in a nursing home.

A dependent child is someone who:

  • is younger than 16 or a full time student younger than 25
  • is attending school, college or university
  • you substantially support financially.

Groups who are not considered a family for the PBS Safety Net include:

  • full time students 25 years or older and their parents
  • separated couples, unless living separately due to illness or infirmity
  • 2 or more adult siblings
  • an adult and their parents.

If a family member who dies was receiving PBS medicines recorded on the family prescription record form during the year, these can still count towards the family PBS Safety Net threshold.

Page last updated: 22 October 2019