Register for Aged Care Online Claiming

Your service must be registered to use Aged Care Online Claiming.

If you are not registered for Aged Care Online Claiming (ACOC) you’ll need to complete the Aged Care approved provider statement form.

This form will show that all claims, forms and other documents used to claim payments of subsidy under the Aged Care Act 1997 are appropriately authorised.

To register for online claiming, submit 1 of the following forms that suits your needs:

As part of your registration you need to authorise access for staff you permit to use the system on your behalf. Residential and Home Care web forms give the following access.

Residential Care level 8 and Home Care level 10 give authority to:

  • lodge data for file upload (residential care services only)
  • view care recipient information
  • view a care recipient profile including associated web forms
  • view current and historical claims for the nominated service.

Residential Care level 12 and Home Care level 12 give authority to:

  • view latest and historical payment statements for the nominated service.

Residential Care level 13 and Home Care level 14 give authority to:

  • register new web forms
  • update or correct web forms
  • delete or reverse web forms.

Residential Care level 13 gives automatic authority to level 8.

Home Care level 14 gives automatic authority to level 10.

Once you've registered, log on to Aged Care Online Claiming.

You must insert your security token BEFORE selecting the PKI logon option.

If you have any problems logging on, call the Aged Care enquiries line.

Data cleansing and synchronisation

If you’re going to use online claiming do a data cleansing and synchronisation exercise with us before you send and receive data. Data cleansing and synchronisation minimises the potential for errors and delays by aligning data on external client applications and our payment systems.

Page last updated: 23 October 2019