Manage My Health Record administrative details

A guide to help organisation maintenance officers use HPOS to register their network organisations and manage authorisations in My Health Record

Using HPOS, you can:

  • register your healthcare organisation for the My Health Record system
  • manage authorisation links.

To use HPOS to register for the My Health Record system your organisation must be registered in the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service.

Read more about the HI Service including how to register an organisation. 

My Health Record

My Health Record provides a secure online summary of your patients' health information. 

Read more about My Health Record, including what you need to know about organisation hierarchies and access flags.

How to register your organisation

Do the following to register your organisation:

  1. Select My Health Record system – Organisation registration from the main menu.
  2. Select Healthcare Organisation Registration.
  3. Select the organisation you would like to register from the list displayed. If you can't select your organisation because it doesn't appear, you may not be the Responsible Officer or Seed Organisation Maintenance Officer, for that organisation, or you may not be linked to the organisation in the HI Service.
  4. Healthcare Provider Organisation Registration page opens, displaying the organisation's hierarchy. This is the network map for the organisation.
  5. Select Register Organisation and check the box next to the organisation you want to register. You can select more than one. If you can't check the box next to your organisation, its parent organisation may not be registered in the My Health Record system, or your organisation may not be active in the HI Service.
  6. When an organisation is selected, the Access Flag Field will display a drop down box with options Yes or No. The seed organisation access flag will automatically be set to Yes and can't be changed. Network organisation Access flags can be changed. By choosing No the access flag will be the same as the parent organisation. This organisation will have access to the same health information as the parent organisation.
  7. Change the access flag to Yes or No, as appropriate, for each network organisation being registered and Save the changes.
  8. My Health Record System – Registration Confirmation page opens displaying the list of organisations you have selected to register.
  9. Select Register.
  10. Your nominated organisation is now registered in the My Health Record system.

Manage authorisation links

Authorisation links allow:

  • healthcare providers who work for your organisation to access the My Health Record Provider Portal. You need their HI Service healthcare identifiers (HPI-Is) to create authorisation links
  • contracted service providers who provide your organisation with IT services or healthcare information management services to connect your software to My Health Record. You need their HI Service registration numbers to create authorisation links.

Read more about Healthcare Identifiers Service, including how to apply for a healthcare identifier.

Authorisation links for the My Health Record Provider Portal

  1. Select My Health Record System – Organisation Registration from the main menu in HPOS.
  2. Select Manage Authorisation Links.
  3. My Health Record System – Healthcare Provider Organisation selection page displays with a list of organisations you can act of behalf of.
  4. Select Add/Update of the required organisation.
  5. My Health Record system – Manage Authorisation Links page lists the healthcare provider individuals already linked to the organisation, if any.
  6. To add a healthcare provider enter their HPI-I number in the Enter HPI-I Number field and select Search. The search function will only look for an exact match of a healthcare provider's HPI-I. The filter function allows you to use the HPI-I number and name to filter the existing linked HPI-I's to make selection of the required HPI-I easier.
  7. Authorisation links can be deactivated by selecting the Deactivate link.

Page last updated: 31 October 2019