Hardship supplement for aged care providers

A supplement paid to aged care providers on behalf of care recipients who experience financial hardship.

Your care recipient’s fees and charges may be partially or fully paid by us, depending on their individual circumstances.

If we grant your care recipient financial hardship assistance, we will pay you a hardship supplement on the care recipient’s behalf. The care recipient will be responsible for paying any fees that remain.

The hardship supplement will be backdated to the date that the hardship assistance was approved for your care recipient. You will start receiving the hardship supplement once we have processed and approved your claim for the month that hardship assistance was granted. For example, if we approve financial hardship assistance for your care recipient in June, with a start date in May, the payment will appear as an adjustment on the June payment statement.

Applying for financial hardship assistance

You should encourage your care recipients to apply for financial hardship assistance as soon as they experience financial difficulties. We consider financial hardship applications from the date we receive them. We may backdate the application if there are special circumstances.

To apply for financial hardship assistance, care recipients need to complete one of these forms:

They will also need to provide documents showing their:

  • aged care costs
  • essential expenses, and
  • unrealisable assets, if applicable

We will not consider your care recipient’s expenses or unrealisable assets without written evidence. If the care recipient does not provide this evidence with their application, we will ask them to provide further information within 28 days, or we may withdraw the claim.

We aim to assess all financial hardship assistance claims within 28 days of receiving all information. Once completed, we will send a letter to you and your care recipient with the assessment result. If approved, we will also specify the financial hardship assistance period.

If your care recipient requires ongoing assistance, it is important that they reapply for financial hardship assistance before the end of their current assistance period. This is to make sure any financial hardship assistance payment is continuous.

Page last updated: 22 February 2019