How we contact you and what you need to tell us

A separated parent can choose to have their child support payments automatically deducted from their pay on a regular basis. We may also ask you to deduct child support for us if we are collecting overdue child support.

As an employer, you are legally required to deduct child support payments from an employee or contractor’s salary or wages if we ask you to.

We will contact you to confirm you employ the person before we ask you to start making any deductions from their pay. We will not discuss your employee's personal affairs with you.

We will call you or send you a questionnaire asking you to confirm all of the following:

  • the employee or contractor receives payments from you
  • their salary or wage or other payment details
  • how and when they are paid
  • that the details we have for your business are correct.

You can confirm the employee’s details by completing the Confirmation of a person’s employment form.

If you receive the questionnaire, you are legally obliged to complete it. If you do not employ the person, we will need you to confirm this in the questionnaire.

Please fax or mail your completed reply to us.

If you do employ the person, we will send you a letter that tells you how much child support to deduct. We will also send a copy of the letter to them.

You must tell us if any of the following occurs because this can change your responsibilities to us:

  • they leave, or you become aware that they intend to leave your employment
  • their pay cycle changes
  • their employment status changes, for example, from full time to part time work
  • your business changes name or address, or merges with another company
  • you vary the deductions you send us and also tell us the reason for the variations.

If we talk to you over the phone, you should know all our calls are recorded. Recording calls helps resolve factual disputes and make us more accountable. Call recording is not optional. If you do not wish to have your conversations with us recorded, you can contact us by fax, postal mail or electronic mail.

Page last updated: 16 August 2019