Taskforce Integrity

The Taskforce identifies people who deliberately don’t give us information, or give us false information. People do this so they can get a payment from us.

Current action

From July 2019, Taskforce Integrity will focus on serious non-compliance and criminal activity. It will continue to target people that commit fraud against welfare programs.

Their focus is identifying fraud. They will seize assets to recover any debts.

This includes targeting people who commit serious fraud against welfare payments. For example, those that commit identity fraud to hijack people payments.

The taskforce will have many debt recovery methods available to it including:

  • departure prohibition orders
  • asset confiscation
  • use of legal powers.

They will:

  • refer matters to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions where there is evidence of criminal behaviour
  • target different geographic areas across the country where there may be a higher risk of welfare fraud.

You can help us

If you get a payment from us it’s important to tell us if your circumstances change.

If you don’t tell us about changes when you know you should, you could be committing welfare fraud. Read how to avoid committing fraud

If you think someone is committing welfare fraud, you can report them.  You don't need to give us your name. Read about reporting fraud.

Keep your details up to date

You can keep your details up to date by either:

Page last updated: 17 June 2020