Organisational structure

Our structure is designed to ensure that we are delivering the Government's key priorities.

Our structure is current as at 2 April 2024.

You can download our organisation chart or view it below.

Chief Executive Officer

David Hazlehurst is the Chief Executive Officer.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Strategy and Performance

Susie Smith is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Chief Data Officer, Data and Analytics

Garrett McDonald is the Chief Data Officer responsible for:

  • Heather Ralph (acting) – National Manager, Data Strategy and Governance
  • Mark Morrison – National Manager, Data Analytics Innovation
  • Tenille Collins – National Manager, Business Intelligence and Performance
  • Michelle Guerin – National Manager, Data Engineering.

Agency Spokesperson

Hank Jongen is the Agency Spokesperson.

General Manager, Communications

Bevan Hannan is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Daniel Hodgson – National Manager, Corporate Communications
  • Scott Anderson – National Manager, Marketing Communications
  • Hannah Passfield – National Manager, Media
  • Karen Ploesser – National Manager, myGov Content Strategy and Communications.

General Manager, Enterprise Strategy and Governance

Lisa Carmody is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Simon Heath – National Manager, Enterprise Strategy
  • Pauline O’Neill – National Manager, Performance Priorities and Reporting
  • Susanne Lander – National Manager, Ministerial and Parliamentary Services
  • Michelle Kinmonth – National Manager, Governance.

General Manager, Enterprise Portfolio Management Office

Kylie Whiu is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Lily Zovko (acting) – National Manager, Enterprise Project Office
  • Leanne McCormick – National Manager, Assurance, Capability and Engagement
  • Andrew Woolf – National Manager, Enterprise Transformation and Change Office.

General Manager, Corporate Project Assessments

Karen Harfield is the General Manager.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Service Delivery Excellence

Jonathan Thorpe is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

General Manager, Telecommunications Modernisation, Automation and Architecture

Lisa Keeling is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Anthony Barac – National Manager, Telecommunications Services Modernisation Delivery
  • Lisa Kearney – National Manager, Telecommunications Services Modernisation Strategy
  • Jacqui Adams – National Manager, Automation and Service Optimisation
  • Vanessa Roarty – National Manager, Business and Customer Architecture.

General Manager, Service Delivery and Face to Face Transformation

Bianca Ruut (acting) is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Neal Gaston (acting) – National Manager, Face to Face Service Transformation
  • Leigh Russell (acting) – National Manager, Face to Face Property Transformation
  • Jennifer McNeill – National Manager, Service Design and Innovation.

General Manager, Service Delivery Optimisation

Brenton Halliday is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Julie Ballard – National Manager, Business Process and Design
  • Kylie Finnigan – National Manager, Digital Messaging, Analytics and Quality
  • Kelly Taylor – National Manager, Emergency Response
  • Narelle Cameron – National Manager, Service Delivery Learning
  • Ben Morris – National Manager, Remediation MDT.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Program Design

Stuart Turnbull (acting) is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

General Manager, Health Programs

Charmaine Smith (acting) is the General Manager responsible for:

  • John Kalokerinos – National Manager, Registers and Assurance
  • Rachel Macaulay (acting) – National Manager, Pharmaceutical Benefits
  • Peta Martyn – National Manager, Medicare
  • Phil Hoyle – National Manager, Digital Health.

General Manager, Health Delivery Transformation

Brendan Moon is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Carol Cao – National Manager, Provider Transformation
  • Julia Taylor – National Manager, Customer Transformation
  • Dylan Kurtz – National Manager, Health Design and Complex Payments
  • Monita Lal – National Manager, myGov Project MDT.

General Manager, Older Australians and Veterans

Laura Gannon is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Katrina Gerholt (acting) – National Manager, Veterans
  • Tina Anderson – National Manager, Aged Care Programs
  • Melissa Haines – National Manager, Seniors, Carers and International
  • Jacqui Houghton – National Manager, Aged Care Projects.

General Manager, Working Age and Pension Programs

Cathy Toze is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Eric Harper – National Manager, Student, Parenting and Concession Programs
  • Javier Ribalta – National Manager, Disability and Payment Capability Programs
  • Juliette Edwards – National Manager, Jobseeker and Participation Programs
  • Ben Gallie (acting) – National Manager, Customer Financial Capability
  • Juleigh Cook – National Manager, Centrepay MDT.

General Manager, Families, Indigenous and Tailored Programs

Tony Piazza is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Leigh Allison – National Manager, Families and Childcare
  • Jessica Gear – National Manager, Child Support Program
  • Lauren Callinan – National Manager, Tailored Programs
  • Anita-Lee Summers – National Manager, Indigenous and Remote Servicing.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Customer Service Delivery

Jarrod Howard is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

General Manager, Operations Management

Bo Robertson is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Sharna Bucher (acting) – National Manager, Operational Planning Social Security and Welfare
  • Jo Hase – National Manager, Operational Planning Health, Integrity and Child Support
  • Renee Kennett (acting) – National Manager, Operational Response
  • Mitch Surawski (acting) – National Manager, Digital Operations.

General Manager, Smart Centres Operations

Nicky Bell is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Melissa Brotherson-Clarke – National Manager, Smart Centres South
  • Penny Damianakis – National Manager, Smart Centres East
  • Lynda Milde – National Manager, Smart Centres Central and West
  • Jacelle Howell – National Manager, Smart Centres North
  • Liam Barry – National Manager, Assessment Services and Smart Centres Coordination.

General Manager, Child Support and Tailored Services

Jodie Robinson is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Jane Steinkamp – National Manager, Child Support Smart Centres, VIC and TAS
  • Sharon Nokelainen – National Manager, Child Support Smart Centres, WA, SA and QLD
  • Alice Chivell – National Manager, Child Support Smart Centres, NSW and ACT
  • Louise Hamilton – National Manager, Multicultural and Tailored Services
  • Rosanna Arena – National Manager, Social Work Services.

National Manager, Service Delivery Integration Project

Symone Anderson is the National Manager.

General Manager, Face to Face Services

Robert Williams (acting) is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Anthony Creek – National Manager, Central and Northern Queensland
  • Simon Noble – National Manager, North West NSW
  • Katrina Zander – National Manager, Service Zone South and Northern Australia
  • Kerrie Brian – National Manager, South East Victoria
  • Kenneth Walker – National Manager, South West NSW
  • Susan Morrison – National Manager, Southern Queensland
  • Narelle Townsend – National Manager, Sydney Metropolitan
  • Stuart Brazendale – National Manager, Tasmania and North West Victoria
  • Steven Farrell – National Manager, Western Australia.

General Manager, Health Service Delivery

Rhona MacPherson (acting) is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Glen Johnson (acting) – National Manager, Health Zone North
  • Mark Cousins – National Manager, Health Zone East
  • Jenna Barnes – National Manager, Health Zone South
  • Denise Craig – National Manager, Health Zone West.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Payments and Integrity

Chris Birrer is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

General Manager, Integrity Response

Rachael Clarke (acting) is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Boramin Keo (acting) – National Manager, Royal Commission Response
  • Dan Blackmore – National Manager, Income Apportionment Response
  • Sam Holcombe – National Manager, Income Apportionment Operations.

General Manager, Payment Assurance Program and Appeals

Robert Higgins is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Jason Kallus – National Manager, Integrity Transformation
  • Larissa Hinds – National Manager, Debt and Compensation Program
  • Sheree Harrison – National Manager, Appeals
  • Matt McMahon – National Manager, Payment Accuracy.

General Manager, Payment Assurance Operations

Susan Black is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Gavin Butcher (acting) – National Manager, Payment Assurance Operations South East Coast
  • Nerissa Doverty – National Manager, Payment Assurance Operations North East and West Coast
  • Ben Dalton – National Manager, Recovery Operations.

General Manager, Fraud Control and Investigations

Jason Lucchese is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Leo Lahey – National Manager, Fraud Investigation
  • Lucy Vincent – National Manager, Fraud and Identity Assurance
  • Luke Morrish – National Manager, Intelligence.

Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Enabling

Danielle Regeling (acting) is the Chief Operating Officer.

General Manager, Corporate and Cross Government Services

Lily Viertmann is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Brodie Wootten – National Manager, Property and Corporate Support
  • Andrew Rodrigues – National Manager, Audit
  • Melinda Gabriel – National Manager, Payroll and Corporate Operations
  • Robert McKellar – National Manager, Security
  • Belinda Gloyne – National Manager, Cross Government Services.

Chief Financial Officer

Angela Diamond is the Chief Financial Officer responsible for:

  • Doug Rutherford – National Manager, Budget and Financial Management
  • Adrian Bernroider – National Manager, Financial Accounting
  • Alison Frewin – National Manager, Financial Systems and Operations
  • Michele Robinson – National Manager, Group Financial Management
  • Chris Flinders – National Manager, Procurement
  • Kim Laybutt – National Manager, Technology Sourcing.

Chief Counsel, Legal Services

Jeff Derix is the Chief Counsel responsible for:

  • Nick Parmeter – National Manager, Privacy and Personal Information Release
  • David Cooke – General Counsel, Corporate Services Legal
  • Anna MacFarlane – General Counsel, Digital and Privacy Legal
  • David Reed – General Counsel, Program Advisory Legal
  • Mark Hester (acting) – General Counsel, Litigation
  • Lisa O’Donnell – General Counsel, FOI and Reviews.

General Manager, Workforce Capability

Goran Stojanovski (acting) is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Michael Pohl (acting) – National Manager, Recruitment and Onboarding
  • Irene Hadjion (acting) – National Manager, Learning and Development
  • Jade Cordell – National Manager, Workforce Strategy and Planning
  • John Dunne (acting) – National Manager, Surge Logistics.

General Manager, Wellbeing and HR Support

Sally Martin (acting) is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Sophie Nelson – National Manager, Health and Safety
  • Stephen Cooney – National Manager, Workplace Relations
  • Patrick Geary (acting) – National Manager, HR Support.

Chief Information and Digital Officer, Technology and Digital Programs

Charles McHardie is the Chief Information and Digital Officer.

General Manager, Cyber Security

Janice Law is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Joumana El Hassan – National Manager, Cyber Enablement
  • David Lang – National Manager, Cyber Operations
  • Kirk Batty – National Manager, Cyber Capabilities.

General Manager, Technology and Digital Assurance and Audit

Derek Byrnes is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Christopher Jasson (acting) – National Manager, Technology and Digital Assurance
  • Jane Annear – National Manager, ICT Governance.

General Manager, Infrastructure and Operations

Devika Weereratne is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Nicole Rudland – National Manager, Service Operations and Management
  • Vajira Samaranayake – National Manager, Core Infrastructure
  • Abhi Kashyap – National Manager, End User Computing
  • Maree Christensen – National Manager, Application Infrastructure.

General Manager, Technology Strategy, Business and Architecture

Josh Bosschieter (acting) is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Matthew Walker – National Manager, Enterprise Architecture
  • Damian Tobin – National Manager, ICT Innovation and Design
  • Dennis Piskopos (acting) – National Manager, Technology Business Management
  • Sherree Thorne – National Manager, Technology Business Services.

General Manager, Data Online Systems and Shared Services

Megan Bunfield is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Praphul Palekar (acting) – National Manager, Online Systems
  • Joanna Zhu (acting) – National Manager, Connection, Identity and Authentication
  • Penny Limnios – National Manager, Data and Automation Engineering
  • Josh Smith – National Manager, Customer Relationship Systems
  • Pari Gandhi – National Manager, Veterans and DSS Systems.

Chief Software Engineer, myGov and Core Systems

Lisiane Barao Macleod is the Chief Software Engineer responsible for:

  • Quyen Hoang – National Manager, Social Security and Welfare Systems
  • Cristie Romero-Ferre – National Manager, Health Systems
  • Aaron Wilkins – National Manager, myGov and Customer Systems
  • Jillian Lyten (acting) – National Manager, Digital Product Design.

General Manager, Staff Processing and Enterprise Systems

Bob Lyons is the General Manager responsible for:

  • Craig Douglass – National Manager, Care Provider Systems
  • Sharon McCarter – National Manager, GovERP Programme
  • Annette Hayes – National Manager, Staff Enabling Systems
  • Narelle Lovett – National Manager, Child Care, Corporate and Payment Systems.
Page last updated: 2 April 2024.
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