Organisation Register privacy notice

This privacy notice outlines how we manage personal information for the Organisation Register.

Why we collect your information

We collect and use your personal information on behalf of the Department of Health and Aged Care (DoHAC) and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). We collect it for the purposes of:

  • developing and managing the Organisation Register
  • administering programs utilising the Organisation Register.

Some programs that use the Organisation Register include:

  • MyMedicare
  • Medicare Urgent Care Clinics
  • General Practice Training Payment Program
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Storage Funding Program.

The Organisation Register is a register of health organisations, their associated sites, and health professionals, including GPs. Organisations can create an organisation site record and link health professionals to the organisation sites where they provide services. The health organisation and site where health professionals deliver services can view information on health professionals linked to them.

We’ll update your information on the Organisation Register due to the following:

  • when you update your professional information in another system administered by Services Australia
  • when a provider number is created for a new site during a relocation, and unlinks the provider number from the previous site location
  • when you update your location start and end date of your provider number
  • when you close provider numbers
  • if you’re deceased.

How we use your information

We’ll use your information on the Organisation Register to allow correspondence to be sent to and received by you using Health Professional Online Services (HPOS).

We’ll also use your information to administer and manage the MyMedicare program, including:

  • linkage to the MyMedicare program which involves collecting personal information about you to confirm your eligibility to participate
  • to enable a patient to select a Preferred GP when registering or managing their MyMedicare registration
  • to display updated details to patients through the patient’s Medicare Online Account or Express Plus Medicare mobile application
  • to validate Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and DVA specific claims, using information about your linkage to a general practice and your eligibility to participate in MyMedicare
  • to generate notifications for a range of matters. This includes to update you, the organisation and general practice you are linked to, when you’re no longer eligible to participate in the MyMedicare program
  • to report on the MyMedicare program. These reports are only available to a limited number of Services Australia, DoHAC, and DVA staff for the purpose of managing the MyMedicare program.

Who we may share your information with

We may share your personal information we collect with the following:

  • authorised users of the Organisation Register
  • patients
  • DoHAC and DVA.

Authorised users of the Organisation Register

We may share your personal information with Authorised users of the Organisation Register when they request:

  • a list of their linked health professionals, including GPs, or are required to select a Preferred GP when registering patients to the practice
  • a list of their linked health professionals, including GPs, who satisfy certain criteria in relation to the site they are linked to following relocation of the site, including for the purpose of ensuring you’ve been accurately linked to a site following its relocation
  • to enable management of program registration details, including to notify of changes to MyMedicare program eligibility.


We may share your personal information with patients when they request:

  • to either update or amend their MyMedicare registration details or view any changes that have been made
  • to have your details recorded on their My Health Record so other treating health professionals can see who their regular practice and preferred GP are.


DoHAC and DVA will use your information to enable:

  • MyMedicare program management including reporting, compliance, audit, and evaluation
  • routine monitoring and reporting for MBS and DVA claims
  • access to MBS and DVA claims for other incentive payments
  • data sharing to inform policy and strategic outcomes across government initiatives under secure data sharing arrangements.

Where to find more information

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Page last updated: 17 June 2024.
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