Manifest medical rules

You may get Disability Support Pension (DSP) if you meet manifest medical rules.

We assess your condition and medical evidence according to social security law.

What the manifest medical rules are

A condition will meet the manifest medical rules if any of the following apply:

  • you are permanently blind
  • you need nursing home level care
  • you have a terminal illness with average life expectancy of less than 2 years
  • you have an intellectual disability with an IQ of less than 70
  • you have category 4 HIV/AIDS
  • you get a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Disability Compensation Payment at the Special Rate (totally and permanently incapacitated) paid under the Veterans’ Entitlement Act 1986.

You can read more about manifest grants for the purposes of DSP on the Department of Social Services website.

What it means if you meet the manifest medical rules

If you meet any of the manifest medical rules, you may be able to get DSP.

Keep in mind, you also need to meet the non-medical rules to get DSP.

What it means if you don’t meet the manifest medical rules

If you don’t meet these rules, you may still meet the general medical rules.

Page last updated: 11 August 2022.
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