Loans and concession cards

There are other concessions and financial help you can get during your retirement.

When you’re thinking about retirement, there are other payments and concessions you can get to help you with daily expenses.

You can get some concessions through us and some through other government departments and agencies.

Home Equity Access Scheme

The Home Equity Access Scheme is a loan payment to you secured against your real estate. We pay the loan fortnightly and you or your partner can use this to supplement your income during retirement.

Concession cards

We have concession cards that can help you with many daily expenses.

If you get a payment from us, the Pensioner Concession Card can help you. You’ll automatically get the card if you’re eligible for Age Pension.

If you’re not eligible for Age Pension, you may be able to get the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

Health Care Card

We have concession cards for people who are under Age Pension age and need help with expenses.

The Low Income Health Care Card can help you if you’re working and your income is under a certain amount. This card is the main concession people can get if they’re not eligible for a payment.

If you’re on a payment with us, you may get a Health Care Card or a Pensioner Concession Card. We assess you for this automatically when you claim certain payments.

Other concessions

If you’ve served in the Australian Defence Force, you may be eligible for other concessions. Visit the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website for information.

You may also be eligible for extra benefits from your state government. Read more information about the concessions and benefits available in your state. The following links will take you away from our website.

State or territory Resource
ACT You can apply for a Seniors Card on the ACT Government Community Services website.
NSW The NSW Government website has information for seniors.
NT You can apply for the NT Seniors Recognition Scheme on NT.GOV.AU
SA You can find more help for seniors on SA.GOV.AU
Tas You can apply for a Seniors Card on the Tasmanian Government Discounts and Concessions website.
Qld You can check your eligibility for concessions on the Queensland Government website.
Vic The Seniors Online Victoria website has information for seniors.
WA You can apply for a Seniors Card on the WA Department of Communities website.
Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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