Getting JobKeeper payment

How income from JobKeeper payment can impact you getting Centrelink payments.

If you or your partner get income from JobKeeper payment, you must report it to us if you also get an income support payment. Read about how to report income from JobKeeper payment.

The JobKeeper payment is paid to your eligible employer by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Your employer will tell you if they’re eligible and pay you JobKeeper payment as part of your usual wages.

Talk to your employer to find out if they are going to pay you through the JobKeeper Payment scheme. You don’t need to call or visit us.

Read more about the JobKeeper Payment scheme on the ATO website.

How to choose the right payment for you

Most people can’t get both:

  • JobKeeper payment from an employer
  • an income support payment from us.

Speak with your employer first to see if they’re getting JobKeeper payment. If you get JobKeeper payment from your employer, you may earn too much to get a payment from us.

You can withdraw your claim if your employer starts paying you JobKeeper payment and you’ve already applied for an income support payment.

If you already get an income support payment you can cancel your payment. This will reduce your risk of an overpayment or debt you have to pay back.

How it affects your income support payment

Make sure you report any income you or your partner get from your employer. This includes JobKeeper payment. If you don’t report it as income, we will pay you too much and you may have a debt to pay back.

When you report income, we may give you a lower rate or stop your payment if your income is too high.

Read about how to report JobKeeper income.

How it affects your family assistance payments

Money your employer pays you through the JobKeeper Payment scheme is income. You should include it in your income estimate for Family Tax Benefit and Child Care Subsidy.

You can’t be paid from JobKeeper payment if you’re getting Parental Leave Pay or Dad and Partner Pay from us.

Page last updated: 11 May 2020