Age Pension and planning your retirement

We have payments and services to help you plan for retirement or continue to work past Age Pension age.

Retirement planning

Retiring from paid work is a major life change.

Our Financial Information Service (FIS) can help you make informed decisions about your finances.

You can attend a free FIS seminar in your local area or call us to speak with a FIS officer. If you need to talk about complex matters, the FIS officer may set up an appointment for you.

Support and services for older Australians

If you meet age and residence requirements, Age Pension may help to support you. How much you can get depends on your income, assets and other circumstances.

If you’re legally blind, and not getting Rent Assistance, you may get Age Pension. We may not need to assess you against the income and assets tests.

If you live in Australia and get Age Pension, you can get a Pensioner Concession Card. This gives you access to Australian Government health concessions and helps reduce the cost of living.

If you’re a self-funded retiree or still working, you may be able to get a part pension.

If you get Age Pension and you’ve lived outside Australia before, we may ask you to claim a pension from another country. As soon as you find out about the result of your claim, you must tell us what happened.

The Pension Loans Scheme can help if you own real estate and you need extra income.

Our Payment and Service Finder can help you find other payments and services you may be able to get.

To estimate the amount of Age Pension you may get, use the online estimator within the Payment and Service Finder. You can also compare other payments you may be able to get.

Help if you work past Age Pension age

You may want to continue to work past Age Pension age.

The Work Bonus is an incentive for pensioners to stay in the workforce. It increases the amount you can earn before your pension reduces. You don’t need to apply for it. If you get any eligible employment income, we’ll apply the Work Bonus to your income test.

The Pension Bonus Scheme provides a lump sum incentive if you stay in the workforce and defer claiming Age Pension. To be eligible for a bonus, you must have registered before 1 July 2014. You can no longer register for the scheme.

Changes to your child support arrangements

Changes to your circumstances may affect the amount of child support you pay or get. Read about changes that affect your child support, including how to update your details.

Other support services

There are other organisations that provide support services and useful information. You can use our Payment and Service Finder to find assistance in your local area.

Be Connected is an Australian Government program. It helps improve the digital literacy of older Australians. You can access online learning and a network of partners in your area.

Moneysmart can help you make the most of your money. Read the Retirement income planning section on the Moneysmart website.

myagedcare helps with a range of community, aged care and support services. You can find advice about what help is available, help at home, aged care homes, and caring for someone.

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Page last updated: 7 October 2021