How much you can get

How much Pension Bonus you can get depends on your circumstances.

These include:

  • how long you’ve been an accruing member of the scheme
  • the amount of basic Age Pension you can get when you claim
  • if you were single or partnered when you were a member.

This table lists the highest rates you can get.

How many bonus periods you have Maximum bonus you’ll get if you’re single Maximum bonus you’ll each get if you’re partnered
1 year $2,216.50 $1,675.10
2 years $8,865.90 $6,700.50
3 years $19,948.20 $15,076.10
4 years $35,463.40 $26,801.90
5 years $55,411.60 $41,877.90

The Department of Social Services reviews payment rates each year on 20 March and 20 September.

You only get the bonus once, but you could get a Pension Bonus Top Up.

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Complete the following steps to claim your Pension Bonus. Before you start, check if you can get it.

Page last updated: 20 September 2021