How much you can get

How much Pension Bonus you can get depends on your circumstances.

These include:

  • how long you’ve been an accruing member of the scheme
  • the amount of basic Age Pension you can get when you claim
  • if you were single or partnered when you were a member.

This table lists the highest rates you can get.

The Department of Social Services reviews payment rates each year on 20 March and 20 September.

You only get the bonus once, but you could get a Pension Bonus Top Up.

How many bonus periods you have Maximum bonus you’ll get if you’re single Maximum bonus you’ll each get if you’re partnered
1 year $2,440.80 $1,844.50
2 years $9,763.30 $7,377.90
3 years $21,967.40 $16,600.40
4 years $39,053.20 $29,511.80
5 years $61,020.60 $46,112.20
Page last updated: 20 March 2023.
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