Income and asset limits

You usually can’t get JobSeeker Payment if you have income or assets over a certain amount.

You need to tell us about your assets so we can pay you the right amount. Read more about what happens now the assets test waiver has ended.

Income limits

We’ve increased the amount of income your partner can earn before it stops your payment. This is so more people can access JobSeeker Payment.

Family situation Payment reduces to nil once your income reaches this amount per fortnight
Single with no children. $1,257.50
Single, 60 years of age or older and have been receiving payment for at least 9 months continuously. $1,346.17
Single, 22 years of age or older, principal carer of a dependent child, granted an exemption from mutual obligation requirements $2,134.25
Single, 22 years of age or older, and a principal carer with a dependent child.  $1,675.25
Single, with a dependent child but not the principal carer. $1,335.84

$1,164.50 for your income. $3,086.11 for your partner’s income when you have income less than $300. This is a temporary increase from 25 September 2020 due to coronavirus (COVID-19) for JobSeeker Payment customers.

Depending on your circumstances, there may be different rates of income you can earn. This may include when you’re a principal carer, or if your partner gets a pension payment from us.

Find out more about different rates of income you can earn.

If you get JobSeeker Payment from 25 September 2020

Your payment will reduce by 27 cents for every dollar your partner earns over $1,165 per fortnight. This amount may change if they get Pharmaceutical Allowance or Rent Assistance.

The income free area for JobSeeker Payment has increased to $300 per fortnight. This means you can earn more but still get the maximum payment rate. If you earn above $300 per fortnight, your payment reduces by 60 cents for each dollar over this amount.

Read more about the income test for JobSeeker Payment.

Asset limits

Your payment will cancel when your assets are more than the following amounts. The income limit still applies.

Family situation Homeowners Non-homeowners
Single. $268,000 $482,500
Couple combined. $401,500 $616,000
One partner eligible, combined assets. $401,500 $616,000

Find out more about different kinds of assets you need to report.

Page last updated: 25 September 2020