Alternative names

Sometimes eligible medical equipment for the Essential Medical Equipment Payment (EMEP) might have a different name.

This table shows other names of some eligible medical equipment. This is not a full list of alternative names for eligible equipment.

Equipment Alternative names
Airbed vibrator Alternating pressurised air mattress
Alternating air mattress
Alternating pressure mattress
Home dialysis machine Home dialysis
Machine assisted peritoneal dialysis equipment (cycler or heater)
Kidney dialysis machine
Intermittent peritoneal dialysis machine
Haemodialysis machine
Peritoneal-dialysis machine
Home parenteral or enteral feeding device Total parenteral nutrition pump
Feeding pump
Enteral feeding pump
Formerly known as kangaroo pump
Heart pump External heart pump
Nebuliser - used daily Nebuliser - used every day
Oxygen concentrator Child concentrator
Standard capacity (adult)
High capacity 'New Life Intensity' (adult)
OXCP (combination oxygen concentrator and chronic positive pressure and airways regulator)
Positive airways pressure device Continuous Positive Airways Pressure regulator (CPAP)
Chronic positive pressure and airways regulator
Intermittent Positive Airways Pressure device (IPAP)
APAP - automatic adjustment of the degree of positive pressure
Bi-Valve, combines the specifications of a positive airways pressure and of a respirator.
Home respirator Iron lung
Home ventilator Formerly known as respirator
VPAP or BPAP only

This is not an exhaustive list of alternative names for eligible equipment.

Page last updated: 8 July 2021