How to apply

Who you contact to apply to release your super early, depends on the reason you need it.

Contact your super fund

Your super fund can decide to release your super early if one of the following apply. You:

Under severe financial hardship

Your super fund may ask you to get information from us about your income support payment. If they do, call us on your regular payment line. Any information we give you will only be valid for 21 days. Make sure you return it to your super fund within that time, so they can make a decision.

Some super funds are able to check if you meet the income support criteria. They can use our Centrelink Confirmation eServices. It means you don’t need to contact us for the information.

Contact the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Visit the ATO website if you want your super early on compassionate grounds.

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We have a range of other tools and information to help you manage your payment or get extra support.

Page last updated: 22 April 2020