How to use our compensation estimator

You can use the compensation estimator to estimate your preclusion period before the settlement of your compensation claim.

You can get an estimate of the charge amount that we can recover from a compensation payment. This is a guide only.

If you have any questions after using the compensation estimator, you can phone us on your regular payment line.

We can tell you:

  • how compensation affects your payment
  • if you need to repay us
  • if your compensation will stop your payments and for how long.

Follow the estimator’s instructions. It will ask you to fill in details about your compensation claim.

Use the compensation estimator

Don’t use the compensation estimator if either of these apply:

  • you have lump sums awarded by a court or tribunal after a contested hearing
  • it’s for a payment that’s for weekly periodic payments.
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If you have a compensation claim and get money from us, we may need to review your Centrelink payments.

Page last updated: 21 December 2020