How to manage your stationery order

When to expect your stationery, how to track your order and dispose of unwanted and unused stationery.

Getting your stationery

Our dispatch timeframes depend on the type of stationery you order. You can find our estimated delivery timeframes on our stationery pages. Once we dispatch your order, Australia Post will deliver it.

If you order through HPOS, you’ll get your order quicker than using an order form.

Tracking your order

If you order through HPOS, you’ll see your tracking number on the Your Orders screen once we dispatch your order.

If you use an order form and provide your email address, we’ll email you your tracking number. We'll do this once we dispatch your order. You can use this number to track your order on the Australia Post website.

Disposing of unwanted and unused stationery

You must dispose of unwanted and unused Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) stationery using a secure method.

You can securely destroy unwanted or unused stationery by placing it in a secure bin, or using a shredder.

If you can’t destroy the stationery yourself, you can email The Camerons Group at They can arrange for the collection and secure destruction of it.

In your email, you’ll need to provide the following:

  • the prescriber’s name
  • the pick up address
  • the contact name and number
  • the number of cartons, securely packaged ready for collection
  • any other relevant details to help Australia Post collect your stationery
  • the reason you need the stationery destroyed.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022