How to claim CTG prescriptions

Claiming CTG prescriptions is similar to other PBS claims but we need to check if the patient is registered with us.

1. Enter the prescription details and populate your CTG code into your PDS

If there is a computer generated annotation on the prescription, use that alphanumeric code. It is usually in the top right-hand corner of the prescription.

If the annotation is handwritten, or there is none, the correct code will depend on your PDS. You can ask your software vendor if you’re not sure.

2. We’ll check the patient is registered for CTG in real time

We’ll let you know if the patient is registered and if we’ll pay the claim. If the patient isn’t registered, we’ll reject the claim.

We’ll also reject the claim if the patient is registered and you haven’t populated the CTG code. Your PDS will give you a reason or rejection code.

We’ll clearly show CTG prescriptions in your PBS reconciliation statement.

Read more about claiming PBS for pharmacists.

To learn more about CTG, complete the CTG module in our eLearning program for pharmacy.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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