How to access the portal

Information for aged care providers about how to get access to the Aged Care Provider Portal.

You need a PRODA account to access the Aged Care Provider Portal.

You also need an individual Aged Care User ID, also known as an ‘A number'. You’ll use this to link your PRODA account to the portal.

Step 1 – Register for an individual PRODA account

If you don’t have one, register for an individual PRODA account.

Step 2 – Request access

After setting up your PRODA account, request access to the portal by getting an ‘A’ number, or updating your existing ‘A’ number.

If you’re requesting portal access for the first time, use the Register, amend or remove users for Aged Care Provider Portal (AC004) form.

If your service has an Organisation Administrator set up, this person can request a new ‘A’ number through the portal.

Learn more about when to use the portal or the AC004 form.

Step 3 – Link to the portal

To link to the portal:

  1. log on to your individual PRODA account
  2. select the Aged Care Provider Portal tile under Available services
  3. enter your Aged Care User ID and press submit
  4. accept the terms and conditions.

If you’ve successfully linked, the portal tile will now sit under My linked services on the PRODA homepage.

The first and last name on your current ‘A number' must match your PRODA account. If they don’t match, you won’t be able to access the portal.

You can use the Register, amend or remove users for Aged Care Provider Portal (AC004) form to update your details.

For more help watch how to register for a PRODA account and link to the portal.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.