HI Service for IT supporting organisations

Information for IT supporting organisations on how to register, set up access and use the HI Service and My Health Record system.

IT Supporting organisations that help support the HI Service and My Health Record need to get a HI Service registration number. These include:

  • contracted service providers (CSP) who manage or communicate health information for a healthcare provider
  • general supporting organisations (GSO) who provide infrastructure and information for the My Health Record system for a healthcare provider.

GSO’s can be either a registered repository operator or registered portal operator.

As an IT supporting organisation, you need to register to use HI Service before you can:

  • get healthcare identifiers for patients, provider organisations and individual healthcare providers
  • participate in the Secure Message Delivery program which allows healthcare provider organisations or individual healthcare providers to send secure messages to each other
  • view and upload information to patients’ My Health Records.

Once you’re registered, you need to set up your IT supporting organisation’s access to the HI Service and the My Health Record.

It’s also important to update your IT supporting organisation details in the HI Service if they change.

Page last updated: 4 May 2022.
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