Getting Medicare numbers for PBS and RPBS claims

You may need to get a customer’s Medicare number from us when you’re making a PBS or RPBS claim.

Call us to get Medicare or Department of Veterans' Affairs card numbers for use in PBS or RPBS claims.

You'll need the patient's consent.

Use the seemingly valid Medicare Card form when:

  • you've previously submitted a PBS or RPBS claim to Medicare for this patient and Medicare found that the Medicare or Repatriation details were invalid and rejected the prescription
  • the patient has presented another prescription and can't provide any alternative Medicare or Repatriation card details
  • you're satisfied the original details the patient provided are correct
  • you have no reason to believe that the patient identified on the prescription isn't entitled to receive pharmaceutical benefits.

If the above criteria are satisfied, use the seemingly valid Medicare card special number, and either:

  • complete the form and attach it to the prescription
  • photocopy or photograph the Medicare card, use the same special number, attach the photocopy or photo to the prescription.

Keep a copy of the form and prescription for 2 years for audit checks.

Page last updated: 27 September 2023.
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