Financial Information Service Officers

Our Financial Information Service Officers can help you plan for your future financial needs.

It’s never too early to start planning. Let us help you.

How we can help

We can help you:

  • make informed financial decisions
  • understand the results of your decisions in the short and long term
  • prepare for retirement, even while you’re still working
  • take control of your finances to increase lifestyle choices.

What we can’t do

We aren’t financial planners or counsellors and don’t:

  • sell or give advice
  • prepare financial plans or tax returns
  • recommend investments
  • tell you how to invest your money
  • buy investment products
  • make decisions about your pension
  • recommend financial advisers.

Choose a financial adviser

Watch the video below on choosing a financial adviser.

Read more about choosing a financial adviser on the Moneysmart website.

You can find a financial counsellor on the Financial Counselling Australia website.

Confidential information

Any personal information given to us is confidential.

It may be used to adjust the rate of your Centrelink payment, if information you give us shows that the rate is incorrect.

Page last updated: 18 March 2024.
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