Examples of when ABSTUDY helps with travel

Some common examples to help you understand when ABSTUDY Fares Allowance supports students living away from home to travel.

There are lots of different situations where students who live away from home for high school need to travel. In many of these situations they can get help through ABSTUDY Fares Allowance.

These examples don’t cover every situation. To find out if you can get help with travel, call the ABSTUDY line.

You’re in a sporting event

Lavina had only been playing rugby league for two years but she was already obsessed with the game.

Lavina jumped at the chance to play against other top school teams at a state carnival. It was in another city and Lavina and her teammates had to fundraise to help pay for the bus and accommodation.

Lavina’s dad was excited to watch Lavina play in the carnival. He called the school to see if he could be there to cheer her on. Lavina’s school booked flights and a motel room with ABSTUDY for her dad to come and watch her play.

You have to go to a funeral or Sorry Business

Michael was living with a family friend while he went to high school in another town. Michael heard from his dad that a community Elder had died. The whole community needed to come together, including Michael.

Michael’s dad booked a return flight for Michael to the community. Michael stayed in community for the whole time the Sorry Business was going on, and then went back to school. Everyone was glad Michael could be there.

Michael’s dad hadn’t thought to call ABSTUDY before booking the travel. After Michael’s trip, his dad made the call and sent ABSTUDY the details of the flights. ABSTUDY paid Michael’s dad back for the costs of the flights.

There’s a parent teacher interview

Samson liked boarding school but some of his subjects were hard. His dad asked him on the phone how his classes were going and Samson didn’t know what to say.

In the middle of the year, the school held parent teacher interviews. Samson was relieved when his dad said he would be coming to meet Samson’s teachers. Samson’s dad also looked after Samson’s two-year-old sister and there was no one else who could look after her.

ABSTUDY paid for the trip for both of them. It also paid for the hotel and food so Samson’s dad and sister could stay overnight before traveling home again.

You need to go to a community event

Lowanna was excited about turning 16. She could get her L plates, her auntie promised her a new phone and she would have a coming of age ceremony.

Lowanna’s auntie told her when the ceremony would be. The date was in the middle of term and Lowanna was worried how she would get to go without missing too much school. She told her boarding supervisor who spoke to Lowanna’s auntie. Lowanna’s auntie sent the school a letter about the ceremony from a community Elder.

The school then booked travel with ABSTUDY. Lowanna had a short visit home for the ceremony. Lowanna also knew she could travel again if there was more women’s business she needed to be part of.

You’re in a school play or another similar activity

Kimma was excited to be chosen to have a lead part in the school play. But she worried that no one from her family would get to see her perform.

Her mother called the school to see about coming to see Kimma’s play. The school booked her a trip with ABSTUDY to visit the school. ABSTUDY also paid for meals and a hotel room.

On the big night, Kimma felt great seeing her mother sitting in the audience.

You’re graduating or getting an award

Tyrone had found it hard when he first started living away from home to go to school. Instead of living with his uncle in community, he lived in a homestay in another city.

But after 3 years he had made lots of friends and was about to finish year 12. Because Tyrone had struggled with his schoolwork in early high school, he felt it was a big achievement to make it this far. Tyrone’s uncle felt just as proud.

Tyrone’s uncle called ABSTUDY about coming to Tyrone’s formal and seeing Tyrone graduate. ABSTUDY booked a return flight and a place to stay for Tyrone’s uncle so he wouldn’t miss out on Tyrone’s important occasion.

You’re sick or hurt

School was going great for John. John was in their second year of living away from home in Perth, they had lots of friends and their teachers were happy with their work.

One day after school, John was skateboarding on the tennis court. John crashed badly and broke their leg. John’s boarding supervisor took them to the hospital to get x-rays and a cast. The doctor said John had a bad break and would need to rest for several weeks.

The school called John’s mother. She came to be with John and take them home until John was well. ABSTUDY paid for the trips and a place to stay for John’s mother when she came to get John.

A member of your family is critically sick

Nykia knew her grandma was old. But she wasn’t expecting to get a call to say her grandma was in hospital. Nykia was upset to think her grandma might pass away without Nykia seeing her again.

She told her favourite teacher her grandma might not get well again. The school called Nykia’s auntie. Nykia’s auntie sent them a copy of a letter from the doctor. The school then booked a short trip with ABSTUDY for Nykia to go home and see her grandma.

There’s an emergency or disaster

Koby was looking forward to some dry weather to be able to play footy with his friends. In fact, it was raining so heavily the whole school was at risk of being flooded.

The school called Koby’s dad to say Koby would be coming home because of the risk of flooding. The school booked a trip with ABSTUDY for Koby’s dad to pick him up from school and take him home.

Koby stayed at home until the flooding had gone down and it was safe to return to school. Then, ABSTUDY paid for Koby’s dad to take him back to school.

You’re homesick and thinking of leaving school

David had just started boarding at a school in Brisbane. The first few weeks were exciting and everything was new. But after a while, David found it really hard to be away from his friends and family.

He couldn’t concentrate on his studies and he wasn’t getting any of his schoolwork done. David felt it was too hard and told his boarding supervisor he wanted to go home to live with his family.

The school called David’s parents and explained David was having trouble adjusting. They booked a trip for David’s mum to visit the school and spend some time with David. ABSTUDY also paid for meals and a place for her to stay. After that visit, David decided he’d stay at school and try again.

You’re at risk of being expelled

Petrina was in Grade 10 and hated school. She couldn’t see the point of schoolwork and hadn’t finished any all term. Petrina was rude to her teachers and picked a fight with another student.

The school called Petrina’s guardian and let her know Petrina was at risk of being expelled. The school booked travel for her guardian to come to the school and spend time with Petrina. ABSTUDY paid for meals and a place to stay for Petrina’s guardian as well.

The visit was a chance for Petrina, her guardian and her teachers to work out a plan. Petrina agreed she would finish the year and then start a traineeship.

You have an interview or exam for a course after high school

Mary was 18 years old and she was finally finishing year 12. After being a boarding student for 6 years Mary was sad about leaving her friends and her favourite teachers. She now had to make a tricky decision - what she would do after high school.

Mary applied for several courses. A TAFE in Melbourne and a university in Sydney both invited Mary to come to an interview. Mary called the ABSTUDY line and arranged travel so she could go to both interviews. ABSTUDY also booked hotels in both cities and gave Mary an allowance for meals.

Page last updated: 19 August 2022.
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