What the medical evidence rules are

Know what medical evidence we need for your patient’s Disability Support Pension (DSP) claim.

Keep in mind that a medical certificate isn’t enough evidence for us to assess your patient’s condition. We need detailed evidence or a report to support a DSP claim.

We’ll look at your patient’s medical evidence to assess if they meet either manifest or general medical rules.

Read more about medical rules for DSP and how we assess your patient’s claim.

The types of medical evidence we accept include:

  • medical history records or reports
  • specialist medical reports
  • psychologist reports, including IQ testing
  • medical imaging reports – not x-rays
  • physical examination reports
  • hospital or outpatient records including details of operations.

You can also give us:

  • compensation and rehabilitation reports
  • special school reports
  • other evidence such as physiotherapy or audiology reports.

You can use the medical checklist for health professionals to help your patient provide medical evidence.

This specialist evidence helps us assess your patient’s condition using the Impairment Tables.

Read more about:

Your patient can read more about medical evidence.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021