Creating or updating an Authorised Employees Register

How to create or update an Authorised Employee Register (AER) for your organisation in the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service.

An authorised employee is someone in your organisation who needs to access healthcare identifiers in the HI Service.

If your organisation’s software isn’t working, your authorised employee can call us to get healthcare identifiers. You need to send an AER to us so we can verify their identity when they call.

You need to submit an updated AER to us every time you need to update your current authorised employee’s information. When you do, the latest AER you submit will overwrite the previous one.

We recommend you keep a copy of all the AERs you’ve sent to us. We can request authorised employee information from you for up to 7 years after they stop accessing the HI Service.

You should also make sure your authorised employees read the privacy notice included on the AER.

To create or update the authorised employees for your organisation, download the AER spreadsheet, then:

  1. Read the Example.
  2. Complete the Authorised Employee Register, including the date the authorisation for the employee started or finished.
  3. Save the updated spreadsheet as your master list.
  4. Compose your email to send your AER in your My Mailbox.

Before you send your email make sure you:

  • put 'Authorised Employee file HPI-O 8003 62_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ' in the subject field
  • add in your HPI-O in the blank spaces.

Remember, there may be risks with sending personal information through unsecured networks or email channels.

Page last updated: 17 November 2022.
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