Completing Medical Certificate forms using HPOS

A guide to help health professionals complete and submit the Medical Certificate form in HPOS to update a patient's Centrelink record.

You need a Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account to submit Centrelink forms through HPOS.

PRODA is an online identity verification and authentication system to enable secure access to online services.

Read more about PRODA.

You can use HPOS to complete the Centrelink Medical Certificate form.

Once you submit this form through HPOS your patient’s Centrelink record will be updated.

Create and submit Medical Certificate form

  1. Select My Programs from the HPOS home screen and then select Centrelink Forms.
  2. Select Centrelink Forms from the main menu in HPOS.
  3. Select Medical Certificate option from the page displayed.
  4. The Medical Certificate Instructions screen will be displayed.
  5. Read the instructions and select Continue.
  6. Enter the Patient Details.
  7. Select Save and continue.
  8. Enter the Patient’s Primary Medical Condition(s). All fields are mandatory.
  9. Select Save and continue.
  10. Complete the Capacity to Work or Study details. All fields are mandatory.
  11. Select Save and continue.
  12. Next the Certification by Medical Practitioner screen displays the Confidentiality of Information and also displays the Authenticated user provider details.
  13. Select Save and continue.
  14. Check the information in the Review and Submit screen. You can use the Update option for each heading of the form to go back and correct any details.
  15. If all the details are correct, select Submit and the form is submitted. It will then update your patient’s Centrelink record.
Page last updated: 28 September 2023.
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