Community Access arrangements

Under the HSD CA arrangements, we have simplified the dispensing and prescribing requirements of certain HSDs.

Dispensing requirements

If you are an approved supplier and receive a valid PBS prescription for HSD CA items, you can supply and claim the prescription. This is regardless of whether the prescription was written in a hospital or community setting.

Approved suppliers are:

  • section 90 approved pharmacists
  • section 94 approved hospital authorities
  • section 92 approved medical practitioners.

For section 94 hospitals, patients now have greater choice over accessing their items, through either a community pharmacy, or a private or public hospital pharmacy.

You must only supply an authority required (STREAMLINED) item when the approved prescriber has written the streamlined authority code on the PBS/RPBS prescription. You will need our approval if the authority prescription is for increased quantities, increased repeats, or both.

Prescribing requirements

You can prescribe under these arrangements if you are both:

  • a hospital-based prescriber or general practitioner
  • an accredited prescriber of that medication.

You do not have to be affiliated with a public or private hospital. The medications you can prescribe under the arrangements are:

  • HIV ART for initial and maintenance therapy
  • hepatitis B items for initial and maintenance therapy
  • clozapine for maintenance therapy only.

Initial therapy with clozapine is under the HSD program and not part of HSD CA arrangements. Initial therapy must be started by an appropriate specialist who has an affiliation with a public or private hospital.

If you are writing prescriptions for the PBS listed quantity and repeats, you do not need to contact us for authority approval. You can use the authority required (STREAMLINED) number listed in the PBS Schedule as long as the use of the item meets the requirement of the listing.

If you are prescribing increased quantities, repeats or both, you need to get prior authority approval:

  • through the Online PBS Authorities system
  • by submitting a written application, or
  • by telephone

Same day prescribing is not allowed for these medications.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021