Average rates payable for extemporaneous items

The average 10 g/mL rates apply to extemporaneously prepared benefits not in the Standard Formulae List, where the approved supplier didn’t price such prescriptions.

The current prices include the following fees and rates:

  • a dispensing fee of $10.41
  • the additional fee for agreed price items of $1.80
  • the container rates from the PBS website.

The average rate is the average of all standard formulae benefit prices for each extemporaneous preparation type.

An asterisk (*) means no prescriptions were submitted for the preparation type.

A zero price shows if an extemporaneous preparation type has no related standard formulae to calculate an average price. If you submit a prescription for payment for these average rate codes you must include a price.

The table is current as of February 2024. We update it each month.

PB codePreparation nameAverage 10 g/mL rate (in cents)Price payable for maximum quantity ($)Maximum price to patients ($)
15TEar drops54.4212.2114.01
19BEye drops with cocaine hydrochloride0.000.000.00
22EEye drops, other0.000.000.00
23FEye lotions0.000.000.00
30NMouth washes0.000.000.00
34TLinctuses, other0.000.000.00
40DMixtures, other83.9528.0729.87
41EMixtures for children, other0.000.000.00
42FNasal instillations0.000.000.00
43GOintments, waxes134.1625.2027.00
45JPastes, other356.2047.4031.60
48MDusting powders0.000.000.00
49NPowders for internal use468.5058.0331.60
63HPastes containing cocaine hydrochloride0.000.000.00
64JLinctuses containing codeine phosphate97.0720.9722.77
65KMixtures containing codeine phosphate0.000.000.00
66LMixtures, children with codeine phosphate0.000.000.00
Page last updated: 1 February 2024.
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