Apply for the Workforce Incentive Program (WIP) - Practice Stream

Learn how to apply for the WIP - Practice Stream using your HPOS account.

To apply for the WIP – Practice Stream, you need a Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account to access Health Professional Online Services (HPOS). If you don’t have one, register for a PRODA account and link your HPOS service.

If you’re applying as a Practice Incentives Program (PIP) consenting practice, you need to participate in the PIP before applying. We can share your PIP data with WIP – Practice Stream Online when you apply as consenting practice.

Please make sure the PIP data is correct when you’re going through the application. You can update your PIP data using PIP Online before you submit your application. Read more about linking your PIP and WIP – Practice Stream practice details.

Step 1: Log on

Log on to PRODA.

Select Go to service for Health Professional Online Services.

Select My programs.

Select Workforce Incentive Program (WIP) – Practice Stream.

To apply for the WIP – Practice Stream, Select Apply Online Now. Read the Instructions screen. Then select Next and go to step 2.

To review a submitted application select View PDF or View RTF.

To continue an existing application, select Continue under In Progress Applications.

Step 2: Eligibility Check

Enter your practice details.

You’ll need to tell us your:

  • practice name
  • practice type.

If you have registered your practice for PIP, you’ll also need to tell us:

  • your PIP Practice ID
  • if you consent to using the PIP data.

Note: If you give consent to use PIP data, it will pre-populate in sections of the application.

Enter your main practice’s physical location.

Note: You must use the practice address recognised by Australia Post. See Troubleshoot if error 2307 shows.

Select Yes, if your practice has current public liability insurance. If not, select No.

Select Yes, if all your health professionals have current professional indemnity cover. If not, select No.

Tell us if your practice is ‘accredited’ or ‘registered for accreditation’.

If Yes, enter your accreditation certificate details.

You’ll need to tell us your:

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Accreditation Body
  • Accreditation Number.

Select which health professionals you employ at your practice. Then select Check WIP Practice Stream Eligibility.

If your practice is eligible, select Next.

If your practice isn’t eligible:

Step 3: Practice Details

You need to enter your authorised contacts details. You can add up to 5 contacts. Select 1 as the practice’s primary contact.

Enter your practice’s contact details.

You’ll need to tell us the practice’s:

  • Phone number
  • Facsimile Number
  • Email address.

You also need to tell us your postal address. If it’s the same as your main practice address, select Yes.

You can choose how the WIP – Practice Stream communicates with you. Select either:

  • Access Online, if you want to get notices sent to your HPOS Messages
  • Receive printed copy via mail, if you want to get notices sent through mail.

Then, select Next.

Note: If the primary contact person doesn’t have an RA number, set all communications to Receive printed copy via mail.

Enter your bank account details. Then, select Next.

Step 4: Additional Locations

Select Yes, if you have:

  • more than 1 location, and
  • 1 or more general practitioner’s (GP) work at both the main practice location and additional practice branch.

If No to either question, select Next to continue to apply.

If Yes to both questions, enter your additional practice location information. Then, select Next to continue to apply.

Step 5: Incentive

Enter your practice’s health professional details.

You’ll need to tell us how many hours your health professionals worked to receive the incentive.

Enter your health professional’s:

  • Type
  • Last Name (optional)
  • First Name (optional)
  • Identifier type and number, if they don’t have an identifier select Not Reported
  • Weekly Contracted Hours (HHH:MM).

Note: You need to enter the Weekly Contracted Hours in standard hours and minutes.

Confirm the declaration. Then, select Next.

Step 6: Ownership Details

You need to enter your practice ownership details and your Owners/Partners/Associates.

Tell us your:

  • Practice ownership type
  • Company name (not applicable for an Individual Proprietor)
  • Trading name (not applicable for an Individual Proprietor)
  • ABN
  • Ownership address
  • Owners/Partners/Associates.

Select Next.

Note: You must use the ownership address recognised by Australia Post. See Troubleshoot if error 2307 shows.

Step 7: GP Details Summary

Enter the details of your GP and nurse practitioners at your practice. Then select Next.

Note: Their provider numbers must have the same physical location as your practice.

Step 8: Associated Documents

Download and complete the Practice Incentives practice ownership details and declaration form (IP008).

Upload your:

  • IP008 form
  • ‘Accreditation’ or ‘registered for accreditation’ certificate.

You’ll need to tell us the document:

  • Type
  • Name
  • Description.

Note: Only 1 document can be uploaded at a time. Files must be uploaded in PDF format.

Then, select Next.

Step 9: Review and submit

Review your application and make sure each section has a complete status. The associated documents section doesn’t need a complete status.

Select View or Edit if you need to make changes.

When the details are correct, select Submit Application.

You’ll get an Application ID when you submit your application. Please record this number for future reference.

If you need to view or print your application, select View PDF version or View RTF version.

Page last updated: 29 June 2023.
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