Supporting non-parent carers of children

Our Grandparent, Foster and Kinship Carer Advisers offer specialist support to carers who provide ongoing care for children that aren’t their own.

When non-parent carers find themselves suddenly responsible for children, it can feel overwhelming.

These families are often in vulnerable and transitional situations, and worried about how they’ll care for their new dependants.

This is when our advisers can help. They can work directly with families to connect them with payments and services they’re eligible for, to help ease some of the pressures they face.

Andrea is a Grandparent, Foster and Kinship Carer Adviser in Melbourne. She’s been with Services Australia for 16 years. When she became an adviser, she quickly discovered the real-world impact her work made on people’s lives.

‘You’re helping people at their most vulnerable. The impact you make at such a critical time is like nothing else,’ said Andrea.

‘I was shocked coming into this role, seeing that a significant number of foster parents were over the age of 70.

‘I recall a case of a grandparent seeking urgent care for their grandchildren, starting from scratch. I was able to quickly connect them to payments and organise social workers and food relief for them.

‘I was able to help them get on their feet.’

When she’s not working directly with families, Andrea loves to spread the word about her role through our service centres and community partnership organisations.

She enjoys the close collaboration with community organisations, such as Anglicare. It allows her to see first-hand the impact they can make to carers and communities.

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Page last updated: 23 November 2023.
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