Privacy Impact Assessment Register

We publish the titles of Privacy Impact Assessments we’ve completed since 1 July 2018.

We do a Privacy Impact Assessment for all projects that:

  • involve a significant change to how we manage personal information
  • might have a significant impact on the privacy of individuals.
Reference numberDate postedTitle
5568811 July 2024Onboarding Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing to myGov
5054120 June 2024Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Storage Funding Program
5315219 June 2024myGov Passkeys - Final
4005020 May 2024Adobe Experience Platform for myGov
509852 May 2024Unique Student Identifier Account Linking to myGov
4503822 April 2024myGov Support Tool - Tranche 1
4503822 April 2024myGov Support Tool - Tranche 2
5285511 April 2024myGov Digital Medicare Enrolment
5315211 April 2024myGov Passkeys - Beta
499367 February 2024Modernising Document Execution: myGov Digital Statutory Declaration Service
5207529 September 2023Payment Utility End-to-End Platform
4969115 June 2023Vulnerability Support Model
4967813 June 2023Streamlining Medicare Entitlement Statements Initiative - Release 1
496377 June 2023myGov Sign-in Notification
494949 May 2023Digital Identity Exchange
494939 May 2023myGov as an Attribute Provider
494929 May 2023The Exchange (Identity Hub)
3555211 April 2023GovPass Identity Exchange
492435 April 2023myGov App and Digital Wallet - Medicare Cards
382617 February 2023Contemporary Connected Face to Face Services Project
489412 February 2023Voluntary Patient Registration (MyGP) Project - Stage 2 - Release 8
489392 February 2023Voluntary Patient Registration Stage 2 - Releases 6 and 7
489251 February 2023Voluntary Patient Registration (MyGP and GP Training Payments) Project - Stage 2 - Release 9
4449219 January 2023The COVID-19 Vaccine Claims Scheme
3915923 November 2022COVID-19 Immunisation Readiness Project
4853823 November 2022COVID-19 Readiness Project - State and Territory Check-In Apps
4844718 November 2022myGov App and Digital Wallet - November 2022 Release
4839010 November 2022Birth of a Child - Alpha Extension Phase
3826010 November 2022New Employment Services Model - Process and Workflow Communications Measure
4813219 October 2022FraudMiner
4783521 September 2022myGov App and Digital Wallet - September 2022 Release
4782221 September 2022Birth of a Child Project - User Interface
3838421 September 2022Tertiary Access Payment
381495 September 2022New Employment Services Model - Data Exchange Measure
4715928 July 2022myGov App July 2022 Release
469208 July 2022myGov App and Digital Wallet - June 2022 Release
469198 July 2022myGov App and Digital Wallet - May 2022 Release
4670924 June 2022Process Direct UI Audit Logging
3408124 May 2022Data Matching Pilot: Child Support Program and Australian Immunisation Register Data
3616118 May 2022Shared Services (FOI Processing) for the NDIS Commission
363559 May 2022Child Support Data Matching Program
4425119 April 2022Single Sign On for Enhanced myGov and the myGov App
4881628 March 2022myGov App and Digital Wallet - March 2022 Release
4399717 January 2022Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 - Extended Mutual Client Register (Centrelink and Child Support Use Case 8)
4399617 January 2022Document Lodgement Machine Learning System Pilots
4235813 December 2021myGov App and Digital Wallet
418499 December 2021Enhanced myGov Fraud Management Program
4312917 November 2021Digital Identity Project - IOA Data Sharing Framework and Oversight Authority Response System: Addendum Privacy Impact Assessment
4313317 November 2021Digital Identity - RAM as an Attribute Service Provider
317174 November 2021Digital Identity Additional Attributes
3935826 August 2021myGov as an Attribute Service Provider
4149416 August 2021Guaranteeing Medicare Compliance - Phase 2
414059 August 2021Medicare online account Analytics
414019 August 2021Voluntary Patient Registration Stage 2 - Release 3
402924 June 2021Entitlement Calculation Engine
3837610 May 2021Executive Monitoring Dashboards
3952721 April 2021Recovery Service Assistance Model
3523721 April 2021Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Project
3254521 April 2021The Real Time Payment Messaging project
3218621 April 2021Transforming the Collection of Student Information (TCSI)
3110421 April 2021Matching Centrelink and Medicare Data
2649921 April 2021The Facial Verification Service (FVS) Pilot
2308421 April 2021DTA Exchange project
2166721 April 2021Medicare Newborn Enrolment Enhancements
3955112 April 2021myGov - COVID Immunisation Statement
3835910 December 2020Voluntary Patient Enrolment Project - Stage 2
383579 December 2020Digital Identity Integration with myGov
383569 December 2020myGov Enhancement - search tasks and payment features
383559 December 2020myGov Enhancement - Analytics
383549 December 2020myGov Enhancement Beta
383428 December 2020Single Touch Payroll - Phase 2 - Mutual Customer Register (Centrelink)
383164 December 2020Single Touch Payroll - Phase 2 - Use Case 5b
379252 November 2020Single Touch Payroll Phase 2: Centrelink Use Cases - Operational Information and Management Information Reporting, and Manual Exceptions Process
3501523 September 2020Single Touch Payroll - Phase 2 - Use Case 5a
3740523 September 2020Voluntary Patient Enrolment Project - Stage 1
3729916 September 2020Digital Gateway (September Release)
370402 September 2020Services Australia Data Lake
370392 September 2020Digital Gateway (July Release)
370382 September 2020Operating Model Concept Data Pilot - Appeals Feature
370372 September 2020Digital Identity Project Interim Oversight Authority
370342 September 2020Guaranteeing Medicare Compliance
3501419 June 2020JobKeeper Data Transfer Project
3500015 April 2020COVID-19 Identity Verification Project
2024613 March 2020GovPass Identity Exchange
301039 October 2019Single Touch Payroll Interim Solution
288979 October 2019Customer Experience Analytics Tool
253169 October 2019Compliance Modernisation Programme Tranche 2
201499 October 2019National Redress Scheme for Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse
297456 June 2019Transformation DVA - Telephony Transformation Project
258896 June 2019Language Translation - Proof of Concept to translate Payment and Service Finder to other languages
247976 June 2019Return to Sender project
245246 June 2019Transforming DVA - Student and Income Support Project
2264525 January 2019National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Call Centre Transition
2198725 January 2019DHS Response to the Independent Review of Health Providers’ Access to Medicare Card Numbers
2624725 January 2019Disability Support Pension - Online Claim

You can request a copy of a Privacy Impact Assessment by making a Freedom of Information request.

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