PLAID Reference Implementation - Department of Defence

Reference implementation including source code and binaries for PLAID by the Department of Defence

This reference implementation, Physical Access Control Manager (PACMan,) is a stateless Card Application Management System (CAMS) and Key Management System (KMS) designed to simplify and standardise the key management and personalisation of PLAID applets for cards supporting FIPS-201 logical access. PACMan may be readily modified for other use cases.

PACMan has been developed and contributed to the Commonwealth of Australia PLAID reference source by the Australian Department of Defence (Defence) in order to;

  • Meet Defence's own use requirements.
  • Encourage industry and other governments in the standardisation and commercialisation of PLAID through development of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) products based on the formal PLAID standards and the related reference sources.
  • Encourage open external criticism and independent review of the PLAID reference source in order to:
    • Avoid “security by obscurity” and enable broad review of the implementation so as to ensure its security.
    • Ensure industry interoperability by providing an example of implementation specific features that are outside the scope of the standard.
    • Encourage best practice in the COTS development of PLAID.

PACMan reference implementation, including the associated source code, is subject to the PLAID licence.

Download the reference implementation of PLAID including source code and binaries by the Department of Defence.

Page last updated: 17 November 2022.
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