To claim a payment for issuing PBS Safety Net cards, complete and submit the PBS Safety Net claim for payment form.

You need to send this form to us within 1 month of issuing the customer a PBS Safety Net card. You can use a PBS Safety Net reply paid envelope to submit your claim. Read more about PBS Safety Net stationery for information on how to order envelopes.

The PBS Safety Net reply paid envelopes are for PBS Safety Net claims only.

When you submit your claim, make sure you:

  • record the correct values and calculate the total
  • fill in the prescription record forms correctly and have them signed by your customer or their agent
  • complete the claim form - there's a limit of 12 applications per form
  • attach all prescription record forms in the order they appear on the claim form
  • sign the prescription record forms, both computer and non-computer versions, as this is a legal requirement
  • list all family members on the prescription record form and PBS Safety Net applications.

We’ll reject any incomplete PBS Safety Net claim forms and you’ll need to re-submit them.

We keep a record of the PBS Safety Net entitlement and concession card numbers issued to your pharmacy. To make sure you receive the correct payment for these cards, let us know if:

  • the cards issued to you came from another pharmacy
  • your pharmacy approval number changes.

If we reject a PBS Safety Net claim due to issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can raise it with us.

You’ll need to email the PBS Program Delivery team with information about your claim. You must include all of the following details:

  • your pharmacy approval number
  • a contact person at your pharmacy
  • the phone number for your pharmacy
  • the date on the rejection letter.

You should also include the SN or CN card numbers that are impacted or have been rejected. This is only if you have them.

Page last updated: 14 September 2020