Services not accepted through Medicare Easyclaim

Items not accepted through Medicare Easyclaim.

  • in-hospital items
  • Australian Immunisation Register information
  • bulk bill claims more than 2 years from date of service
  • patient claims more than 2 years from date of service
  • time-duration-dependent items
  • notional charges, for example, a health professional has raised a total charge to cover a group of services
  • patient claims for pathology items, except Group 9 items
  • bulk bill pathology items that are self-deemed or Rule 3 exemptions
  • patient claims and bulk bill claims with non-standard referrals
  • items where the charge exceeds $9,999.99
  • GP multiple attendance items, for example, Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) item 24, 35, etc
  • separate sites override, unless the item is listed under Restrictive override code in the 'General terms explained' list below
  • assisted reproductive technology services
  • claims requiring text

These items may be claimed through Medicare Online, by phone or at a Medicare service centre.

Call the eBusiness Service Centre to:

  • obtain help accessing your bulk bill processing and payment reports through Health Professional Online Services (HPOS)
  • change contact or practice details
  • organise an on-site visit by a Business Development Officer

For technical problems, call the financial institution that supplied the service.

Page last updated: 17 February 2020