Medicare Easyclaim Helpful tips

Helpful tips when using Medicare Easyclaim.

  • allied health professionals must ensure they have a Medicare provider or registration number before transmitting claims
  • for a patient to assign their benefit for bulk bill claims, it is a legal requirement to press OK on the EFTPOS terminal, or to sign an approved DB4 form if the EFTPOS terminal system is unavailable
  • bulk bill claims transmitted and assessed for payment by 5:30 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time will be paid in 2-3 working days for health professionals who have bank details registered with us
  • health professionals need to have their bank account details lodged with us to receive bulk bill payments
  • a general practitioner (GP) consultation and a diagnostic item or items can be transmitted in 1 claim, as long as the items are non-referred or requested services, and the servicing provider is qualified to perform those services
  • if the EFTPOS terminal times out or there is a communication failure, the practice should issue an account or account receipt to the patient or claimant to receive their benefit through Medicare Online, by phone or at a Medicare Service Centre
  • the AP override code, not duplicate service am-pm, is not required for Concession Entitlement Verification (CEV) items. For example, when claiming item 23 and CEV item 10990, it is not necessary to use the override code of AP for the CEV item
  • the AP override code should only be used when claiming a 2nd visit using the same item number for a patient on the same day, for example, item 23 is rendered twice on the same date of service at separate visits

Page last updated: 22 February 2019