Using the MBS items online checker in HPOS

Learn how to use the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items online checker in HPOS to confirm patient and claim eligibility.

The MBS items online checker enables you to:

  • view and check patient eligibility based on their MBS history
  • check your own eligibility for claiming MBS items
  • check claiming conditions for MBS items

This service helps you make informed treatment decisions and avoid rejected claims.

You must also have a PKI individual certificate to access the MBS items online check in HPOS. PKI certificates ensure our online services are secure. Read more about PKI certificates, including how to get one.

Using the service

This process will tell you if you’re eligible to claim the item, if your patient is eligible for the service and any conditions.

You must use your provider number to check patient eligibility. If you are checking a Care Plan item number, you must enter this individually to ensure the result is accurate.

  • select Items from the main menu
  • select MBS Items Online Checker
  • enter patient's Medicare details
  • declare that you have received the patient's consent
  • select the provider stem from the first dropdown box and the location and check digit from the second dropdown box, it is important to use the correct provider number as some MBS items have restrictions that relate to the provider number
  • check MBS item(s) checkbox against the item number you want to check
  • select Search to perform the check
  • the search results will show patient eligibility for each of the items you selected. It will also tell you if there are any conditions for your patient with the result

Page last updated: 7 May 2019