Bulk billing for nurse practitioners and midwives

Nurse practitioners or midwives who provide an approved service can choose to bill the patient directly or bulk bill us.

Bulk billing Medicare

If you’re an eligible nurse practitioner or midwife you can access some items under the Medicare Benefits Schedule and limited items under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme on the PBS website.

Under the Medicare Benefits Schedule nurse practitioner service items include: 82200, 82205, 82210, 82215, 82220, 82221, 82222, 82224, and 82225.

Under the Medicare Benefits Schedule midwifery service items include: 82100, 82105, 82110, 82115, 82120, 82125, 82130, 82135, 82140, 82150, 82151, and 82152.

Submitting Medicare Bulk Bill Webclaims using HPOS

A guide to help health professionals submit Medicare bulk bill claims electronically though HPOS for assessment in real time.

You can order printed forms. When you place your order we’ll ask for your provider number.

Payment of a benefit

When we process your claim we’ll pay the benefit by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into the bank account you nominated when you registered with us.

eLearning modules

Use our eLearning modules to help you with the bulk billing process. The modules take about 15-20 minutes to complete, are easy to use and cover these topics:

  • Australian health care system
  • Medicare programs
  • Provider and prescriber eligibility
  • Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)
  • Referrals and requests
  • Medicare billing and claiming basics

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Page last updated: 17 June 2020