Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) - ceasing correspondence and release of information form (IM017)

Use this form to advise the Australian Immunisation Register you don't want to receive correspondence or share information with vaccination providers.

AIR records

Vaccination providers can see your immunisation history on the AIR unless you choose not to share it. If you have a child under 14, you can also control who sees their record. If you choose not to share your immunisation history, your GP can’t see it.

This form is to opt out of sharing information with vaccination providers.

You’re still eligible to receive immunisations. Information about your immunisations will still be reported to the AIR due to mandatory reporting requirements of vaccination providers.

You can read more about mandatory reporting of vaccines given under the National Immunisation Program (NIP) on the Department of Health website.

Read more about accessing AIR records.

AIR reminder letters

We’ll send you reminder letters at certain times throughout your life.

Parents will also get reminder letters for their children under 14 who are overdue for immunisations.

You can tell us if you don’t want to get these letters.

Read more about getting AIR reminder letters.

Download and complete the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) - ceasing correspondence and release of information form.

This PDF is fillable. You can fill it out on your device, or print it and complete it by hand.

If you have a disability or impairment and use assistive technology, you may not be able to access our forms. If you can’t, please contact us. We can help you access, complete and submit them.

Page last updated: 30 July 2021