Move your income managed money

Each payday, we pay your regular bills from your Income Management account. Any leftover money is then available on your BasicsCard.

There is a maximum limit on your card. Once you reach it your money will stay in your Income Management account.

If you don’t want leftover money put onto your BasicsCard you can stop this at any time. Instead, you can choose how much goes to your BasicsCard. You can set up daily, weekly or fortnightly transfers to your BasicsCard. If you want to choose the amount that goes to your BasicsCard, you need to call the BasicsCard general enquiry line.

You can move extra money to your BasicsCard and back to your Income Management account yourself. You can do it by any of the following methods:

If you want to use phone self service you need to register. Read more about how to register for Centrelink phone self service. When you call you’ll need your Customer Access Number and your recorded voiceprint or your 6 digit phone PIN.

If you use your online account, our guide can help you manage your Income Management Account and BasicsCard money online.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022