Income and assets tests for Disability Support Pension

The amount of Disability Support Pension (DSP) you can get depends on your assessable income and assets.

Income test

You can earn some income and still get DSP. The amount depends on how much you earn.

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Assets test

You can have some assets and still get DSP. The amount depends on how much your assets are worth.

Your assets include any property or possession you partly or fully own. This includes assets held outside Australia and debts owed to you.

Hardship provisions

We’ll assess your financial situation differently if your assets stop you from getting a payment but you’re in severe financial hardship.

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You may not be subject to the income or assets test if you’re permanently blind, unless either:

  • you’re claiming Rent Assistance
  • your partner claims an income support payment.


The amount we pay you could change if you or your partner get paid for compensation or damages.

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Income maintenance period

If you’ve recently stopped working, an income maintenance period may apply. For this period, you may get a reduced payment rate or you may not get any payment.

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Page last updated: 20 November 2019