How to manage your credits

There’s a maximum number of credits you can have in your Income Bank.

The most credits you can have are either:

  • 10,900 if you’re a student
  • 1,000 if you’re an Australian Apprentice.

You’ll stop getting more credits once you reach the maximum amount.

Transferring credits

You may be able to transfer your credits if you stop studying or training and move to a different payment.

For example, if you move to Youth Allowance as a job seeker and have credits in your Income Bank, they can transfer to Working Credits.

How many credits you can transfer

The number of Income Bank credits you can transfer to Working Credits depends on the payment you move to.

You can transfer up to either:

  • 3,500 credits if you’re moving to Youth Allowance as a job seeker
  • 1,000 credits if you're moving to most other payments.

If you have credits in your Income Bank and you stop getting any payments from us, you can’t cash out your credits.

Page last updated: 14 November 2019