What are the types

There are 3 eServices that approved businesses can use, depending on what information they need to confirm.

Customer confirmation

Confirms details such as:

  • Concession Card status
  • your name
  • residential address
  • number of dependent children
  • payment type, status, and amount.

Income confirmation

Provides details relating to your financial status, such as:

  • type, amount, and date of your payment
  • number of dependent children and the percentage of shared care for each child
  • details of any deductions from your payment
  • details of any other income
  • details of your assets
  • your residential address
  • if you are partnered
  • historical information about any of the above details.

Superannuation confirmation

Administrators and trustees of super funds use this service to check if you’re eligible for early release of super on the grounds of financial hardship.

Page last updated: 7 November 2019