What are the security and privacy rules

There are security and privacy rules that protect your information, and we strictly control and monitor a business’s access to CCeS. It is your choice to allow a business access to your personal information.

Read about your right to privacy to find out more about how we handle your personal details.

If you think a business has infringed your privacy or confidentiality, you should tell the business or contact us.

You can also ask us to stop particular businesses getting information about you.

Giving consent

Before a business can check your information they must get your consent. The consent notice you sign should say what information the business will access. It should also say what they will use it for.

The business may ask for your ongoing consent until you withdraw it or stop using the services of that business. Or they may ask for your consent for a single request.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by telling the business or us.

Once you give your consent the business can then use CCeS to enter your details, such as your Customer Reference Number (CRN) and name.

Page last updated: 7 November 2019