Including Disaster Recovery Allowance in your tax return

Disaster Recovery Allowance is a taxable payment and you need to report this in your tax return.

If your income has been directly affected by a natural disaster, you may get short term support such as:

  • Disaster Recovery Allowance (DRA)
  • New Zealand DRA
  • DRA Top-up.

New Zealand DRA and DRA Top-up will not show on your Centrelink payment summary. These payments won’t be pre-filled in your income tax return.

You must manually include the payments you get in the relevant year’s tax return. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) website has more information on reporting disaster payments and grants in your tax return.

For more information on what you may need to do, or if you are eligible for other tax offsets, talk to a registered tax agent or contact the ATO.

Page last updated: 14 December 2022.
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