Identify an individual

How to identify an individual and view their details on the AIR site using HPOS.

Login to PRODA to access your HPOS account. In HPOS, select My programs and then Australian Immunisation Register.

To find and view patient details:

  • select the Identify Individual option in the left hand menu to search for the patient
  • if they’re enrolled in Medicare, you can find their AIR record by entering their Medicare number and Individual Reference Number (IRN)
  • if they aren’t enrolled in Medicare, look them up by entering their surname, first name and date of birth
  • if the AIR finds a unique match, the Individual details page will display their immunisation details.

When you find the patient’s immunisation details, a double upward arrow in the Immunisation Details banner indicates there’s more information. This can include immunisation history, a medical contraindication or a natural immunity. Select anywhere in the banner to expand and view the information.

If the AIR can't find a unique match, you should:

  • check you’ve entered the details correctly
  • add a date of birth, postcode or both
  • select search again.

If the AIR still can't find a match, you can create a new record.

For more help

View our education module to get help identify an individual.

Page last updated: 21 November 2023.
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